SAISD’s Afghanistan Chapter

Afghanistan’s Country Profile

Afghanistan has a long history, unique syncretic culture and rich heritage. Unfortunately, since the era of cold-war the country is the battle ground of international as well as regional geo-political conflicts. The country’s GDP is about US$19.45 billion with a population of about 34.6 million population. The country’s CO2 emission is 0.299 metric ton per capita.

The country’s Human Development Index (HDI) rank is 169 out of 188 countries. However, recently the country is the process of slow recovery.

It is our collective global responsibility to support this great nation -AFGHANISTAN.

Human Development Index (HDI Indicators) over % is better Afghanistan South Asia  Low HDI
Overall Loss Due to Inequality in % 31.8 27.1 32.3
Human Inequality Co-efficient in % 30.4 27.1 32.0
Inequality in Life Expectancy at birth % 35.7 23.9 35.1
Inequality in education % 44.8 39.5 37.1
Inequality in Income % 10.8 17.8 23.9