SAISD’s Bangladesh Chapter

Bangladesh’s Country Profile

Bangladesh has made a noteworthy progress since 1971. The country is relatively successful in reducing poverty, increasing literacy and life expectancy rate within a very short period of time. However, the country is in the fore front of the climate change venerability if the sea-level rises as forecasted.

Bangladesh’s GDP is US$ 221.4 billion with a population of about 162 million Bangladesh’s CO2 emission is 0.459 metric ton per capita.

The overall Human Development Index (HDI) ranking is 139 out of 188 countries.

Human Development Index (HDI) Indicators (Low % is better) Bangladesh  South Asia  Medium HDI
Overall Loss Due to Inequality in % 28.9 27.1 25.7
Human Inequality Co-efficient in % 28.6 27.1 25.5
Inequality in Life Expectancy at birth % 20.1 23.9 22.6
Inequality in education % 37.3 39.5 33.7
Inequality in Income % 28.3 17.8 20.1