Book Review of “The Multi-Capital Scorecard: Rethinking Organisational Performance”

Abstract: Sustainability is the goal and sustainable development is the process, however, the million-dollar question is how we might measure the level of holistic sustainability performance (economic, environmental, and social) of our business. In order to answer this question Martin P. Thomas and Mark W. McElroy theorised Multi-Capital Scorecard to measure level of sustainability performance in an organisational context. The authors proposed organisation to conduct a self-assessment of its impact and to adopt target driven steps to improve its accountability. These steps initiate the process of stakeholder engagement and roles out the plan to adopt requisite sustainability steps

Goswami, K (2020) (Book Reviewed), ‘The Multi-Capital Scorecard: Rethinking Organisational Performance, Chelsea Green Publishing’, in Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Vol 5, No 8