SAISD’s Sri Lanka Chapter

Sri Lanka’s Country Profile

Sri Lanka is one of the island nation of the region transitioning from rural based economy to urbanized economy focusing on manufacturing and service sectors.

The country’s US$ 81 billion economy supports 21 million population. Sri Lanka’s per capita’s CO2 emission is about 0.886 metric ton.

The overall Human Development Index (HDD ranking of Sri Lanka is 73 out of 188 countries and this HDI rank is the highest in the South Asian region.

Human Development Index (HDI) Indicators (Lovwr % is better) Sri Lanka South Asia  Medium HDI
Overall Loss Due to Inequality in % 11.6 27.7 20.0
Human Inequality Co-efficient in % 11.5 27.1 19.6
Inequality in Life Expectancy at birth % 8.1 23.9 10.5
Inequality in education % 12.8 39.5 18.3
Inequality in Income % 13.7 17.8 30.0