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Blue Planet Magazine Series

Books (Link Available)

Book Review:the MultiCapital scorecard:
rethinking organizational
By Dr Kuntal Goswami

The MultiCapital Scorecard: Rethinking Organizational Performance
By Martin P. Thomas and Mark W. McElroy

Resolving the Climate Change Crisis:
The Ecological Economics of Climate Change
Dr Assoc. Prof Philp Lawn

Book Review: The Political Economy of Sustainability
By Dr Kuntal Goswami

The Political Economy of Sustainability
By Associate Professor Fred P. Gale

South Australia:
Progressing in recent Years and outperforming the rest of Australia
By Assoc. Prof Philip Lawn

Measuring Genuine Progress: An application of Genuine Progress Indicator
By Assoc. Prof Philip Lawn
Prof. Matthew Clarke

Journals (Link Available)

Sustainability disclosure patterns of South Australian local councils:
a case study
By Kuntal Goswami & Assoc. Prof Sumit Lodhia

What Drives Sustainability Reporting Practices
in Selected South Australian Local Councils
A Case Study

By Dr Kuntal Goswam

Influence of TV food advertising on children’s food behavior and food consumption
By Dr Ritu Bhatia

India Open-Defecation Free:
Opportunities and Challenges
By Dr Hitesh Bhatia &
Dr Ritu Bhatia

Analysis of Three Australian
State-Level Public Policies
A Stakeholders’ Perspectives
By Dr Kuntal Goswami
Prof. Rolf Gerritsen


A Brief Presentation on Sustainable Development & Climate Change
By Kuntal Goswami

Aspiring to do Research in Australia? (PhD & Higher Degree Research students focused)
By Dr Kuntal Goswami